People who have not experienced CrossFit before, sometimes wonder why the prices are more than say a commercial gym. Simply, it is because the level of service, coaching and support is more on a level with Personal Training. It cannot be compared to a run of the mill gym.

£ 65 monthly
Knight Pricing Table
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Use of Open Gym
£ 45 monthly
Knight Pricing Table
  • 2x Sessions per week
  • Use of Open Gym before 4pm
£ 110 monthly
Knight Pricing Table
  • Unlimited Sessions (2 Pers.)
  • Use of Open Gym
Drop In
£ 10 per session
Knight Pricing Table
  • One session
Armed Forces/Emergency services

We offer a discount for any Athletes that work for the Armed Forces/Emergency services. Gold Membership is available at only £55.00 a month.

Personal Training

Personal training at CrossFit Iron Fort is a bespoke private one to one coaching service which integrates a wide range of disciplines and methods to keep both body and mind challenged in a variety of ways. We use CrossFit methodology but sessions are tailored and delivered in a private one to one setting to maximise results.

You can choose to purchase sessions or packages. No membership is required.

Private sessions are designed to be progressive and challenging, the plan will take into account your own goal and lifestyle to ensure you realise your goal.

Whether your goal is to change your body shape, improve body composition and achieve the physique you have always wanted or Improve sports performance, we can help you make it a reality.

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